Waterford Waterway Management District

The District

The Waterford Waterway Management District was formed in 2003 in response to petitions signed by almost 60% of riparian property owners concerned about preservation of the Waterford area waterways. 

The district is a special unit of government regulated by Wisconsin State Statutes. Seven commissioners, appointed by the boards of Racine County and Town of Waterford and elections of riparian district members.


Maintain, protect, and improve the quality of the Waterford Waterway, its fisheries, its watershed and boundaries, : while maintaining the highest possible quality of living experience for its residents.

WWMD Boundaries

The WWMD boundary map extend from the Waterford Dam north to Tichigan Lake area.

Lake Management Plan

Lake Management Plan for the Waterford Impoundment prepared by Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC)

Contact Us

  1. Waterford Waterway Management District Website

    PO Box 416

    Waterford, WI 53185

    Email: Information

    Meets Monthly

    Tom Christensen - Village attendee

    Don Baron - Racine County Board Appointee

    Gary Bluemel - Elected

    Barb Baron, Chair - Elected

    Mike Waghorn, Vice-Chair - Elected

    Ted Derse, Treasurer - Town of Waterford Appointee

    Paul Kling, Secretary - Elected