Why Waterford?

Waterford is a pleasant community with small town charm and the energy of a larger city, with a nice mix of small and large businesses - service, retail and dining, commercial, and industrial. 
Conveniently located at major transportation arteries, approximately 30 minutes from Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha, and 90 minutes from Madison and Chicago, the village is situated to provide a large base of customers, employees, resources, and distribution lanes. 
With excellent colleges and universities less than one hour away, business can develop staff with the best and brightest, right out of school or using available training resources to help staff meet your business needs. 
The many amenities - parks, recreation, events, and activities, that brought people to visit, led many to stay for the quality of life and the excellent school system. Perfect for businesses looking for employees or customers. Waterford is home to families, singles, and seniors - people of all ages who enjoy pleasant village life with many events, activities, and recreation with access to much more!

Snapshot of Waterford

Population5,370     Median Age - 41
Education: High School - 33.8%
                    Associates Degree - 11.62%
                    Bachelor Degree - 16.26%
                    Graduate Degree - 7.85%
                    Higher Education Within 50 mi.: 33 Colleges; 41 Universities
Labor Force: 2,955
Top Jobs: Education/Library - 13.84%
                 Office/Administration - 13.12%
                 Production - 12.66%
                 Executive/Manager/Administrator - 9.61%
                 Sales - 8.15%
Median Household Income/Spending:   $77,505/ $66,014
Median Income higher than ...26%(County) 31% (State and Nation)
Spending per Household:  Shelter - $13,573;   Health  - $5,218   
   Transportation - $12,623;  Food/Beverages - $9,614; Utilities - $4,871
Housing: Home Owners - 75.01%; Renters - 24.99%
Commute Time - 27 minutes
Access to Transportation: 6 miles to Interstate;
                                          31 & 50 miles to airports;
                                          3 miles to freight rail
Top State Taxes
Income:   Corp - 7.9%;  Personal - 7.67%
                Capital Gains:   Corp - 7.9%;  Personal - 7.7%;
                Sales - 5%

Information from Racine County Economic Development Corporation