Trials, Pretrials & Appeals

Call the Court Clerk at 262-534-1853 with any questions.


If you are found guilty after your trial, you have the right to appeal your case to the Racine County Circuit Court. You must file a notice of appeal in writing within 20 days after your judgment. Any appeal fees, forfeitures and additional costs need to be posted at the time of filing the appeal. You have the right to a Jury Trial on appeal but this will only be granted once the appropriate fee is paid. The Racine County Circuit Court will review your appeal and notify you of your appeal date if all paperwork is complete and necessary funds paid.

After Processing

Once your case has processed through the Village of Waterford Municipal Court any questions or concerns can be directed to the Clerk of Court, not the Village Attorney or Prosecutor. For more information, call the Clerk of Court, at 262-534-1853 or by email here.