Court Procedure

Entering the Courtroom
When you enter into the courtroom, approach the bench and check in with the Court Clerk. Once you have checked in you may take a seat. The Village Attorney will call your name and you will proceed to a small conference room. Once you have met with the Village Attorney you will be asked to take a seat back in the courtroom.

Presenting Your Case
When the Judge is available to hear your case your name will be called and you may approach the podium in front of the bench. The Judge will inform you of the charges against you and the consequences associated with each charge if you are found guilty. Next, the Judge will review your case and the recommendations from the village Attorney. At this point the Judge will ask for your intended plea and either approve or reject the reached agreement.

If a Not Guilty plea is entered, you will be given a trial date and time to return to Court. The Judge will explain the trial procedure to you. If a Guilty or No Contest plea is entered, a forfeiture may be imposed.

Paying Your Fine
You will be given the opportunity to pay the forfeiture immediately after your case is heard. If you cannot pay immediately, you will be allowed a maximum of 60 days to pay. If requested, the Court will set up an installment payment arrangement for your fine. If payment is not received within the time allowed, and the court is not contacted with an explanation, one or more of the following will result.
      - the fine referred to a collection agency
      - a commitment issued for your arrest
      - your driver’s license suspended for up to 2 years
      - your vehicle registration suspended for delinquent parking tickets