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Racine Street Construction Project

  1. Introduction
    The Village of Waterford Board of Trustees approved moving forward with final design of the Racine Street area reconstruction project to address pedestrian and vehicle safety, drainage concerns, and deteriorating pavement. The project area – Village Hall parking area and Racine, Center, North, and N. River streets – will include pavement resurfacing, curbs, gutters, sidewalks and rerouting of traffic direction on some streets. The preliminary design approved by the Village Board can be viewed on the website. Before finalizing the design, the Village is interested in hearing citizen’s responses to specific questions on the project. Thank you for taking a few moments to share your thoughts. Your input will be considered in the final design.
  2. Do you live in the immediate project area?*
  3. To improve drainage, are you opposed to small sections of decorative concrete retaining walls on your property?
  4. If you approve decorative concrete retaining walls on some private properties, do you support the Village paying for the construction of the wall and turning them over to the property owner to maintain?
  5. Do you support the routing change to one-way traffic moving west on North Street?
  6. Do you support the routing change to one-way traffic moving north on Center Street?
  7. During the Village Hall parking lot reconstruction phase, Village Hall Park will be unavailable. Do you prefer that the park be closed all of August or all of September?
  8. Special assessments will be applied to affected properties once final project costs are determined. You can learn more about the Village special assessments by selecting the link on the Racine Street Project on the Road Construction page. Would you find it helpful to learn more through one of the following:
  9. What information do you need regarding special assessments?
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