Western Racine County Sewerage District

The Western Racine County Sewerage District (WRCSD) is a self-governing body separate from and independent of Racine County Government It consists of five commissioners appointed by the County Executive.
The most populous area of Racine County are served by public sanitary sewerage systems. About 33,060 acres (51.6 square miles) of the county was served by public sanitary sewers in 2000. The resident population served was about 169,000 or 90 percent.

The WRCSD facility, located at 1020 N. River Rd in the Village of Rochester, serves the Villages of Rochester and Waterford, and portions of the Town of Waterford.

Racine County Sanitary Sewer Service Areas Map
Visit WRCSD webpage on the Racine County Site for agendas and minutes.


  1. Gil Bakke, Chair

    Chris Bennett, Commissioner

    Frank Czuta, Commissioner

    Vincent G. Klemko, Vice Chair

    Lynn C. Tamblyn, Sec/Treas

    Jeff Bratz, Plant Manager

    Ellie Mack, Recording Secretary

    Village of Waterford Attendee
    Andy Ewert